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Don't worry, I love the spotlight 

(and dropping truth-bombs about authentic allyship)

Whether you’re a fast-growing brand, industry group, business owner, or you lead a marketing or HR team, authentically connecting with the LGBTQ+ community has never been more important.


Keynote topics to help you stop feeling awkward and tokenistic:

Understanding LGBTQ+ Fundamentals

Allyship 101

This practical, small-group training is the perfect introductory session for people looking to build a strong foundation for understanding the fundamentals of LGBTQIA+ identities, the differences between gender, sexuality, and sex characteristics, and the use of appropriate labels and terms when referring to them.


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The Authentic Allyship Framework

The 3 Pillars for Supporting LGBTQ+ Communities in Business and Beyond

In this keynote, you’ll learn the importance of going beyond superficial gestures and actively promoting inclusivity and respect for all individuals, regardless of their gender identity, sexuality, race, age, religion, or ability. You’ll receive practical guidance on how businesses can be genuine allies and make a positive impact.

Inclusive Marketing: How to Authentically Engage with LGBTQ+ Consumers

From Tokenism to Authenticity

This keynote is designed for marketers who want to learn the best practices for creating marketing campaigns that genuinely connect with the LGBTQ+ community. We’ll discuss inclusive language use, representation, and messaging while highlighting the pitfalls of tokenism and promoting authentic inclusivity in marketing efforts. 

Creating an Inclusive Customer Experience for LGBTQ+ Clients

Take your customers from Gay-Z

This seminar provides practical strategies for businesses to create a safe and inclusive environment for LGBTQ+ clients. They discuss ways to promote LGBTQ+ inclusive policies and practices and ensure that all clients, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity, feel safe, seen and celebrated.

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Hank Paul (they/them) is a distinguished photographer turned advocate and inclusion strategist. Creator of Authentic Allyship Academy, they aim to inspire the world to be more inclusive through the power of art, business and education.

In 2022, Hank was recognized for their exceptional advocacy and entrepreneurship with accolades such as winning Out For Australia's prestigious 30 Under 30 Award and being named a finalist for ACON's Honour Awards. They were honoured as one of Australasia’s Top 5 Wedding Photographers by Sony, cementing their status as a creative force.

Hank is the host of the Profit on the Margins podcast and now serves as Chief Storytelling Officer at Out For Australia, which supports LGBTQ+ people to thrive at work.

With their unique perspective and passion for storytelling, Hank Paul continues to inspire and captivate business leaders worldwide.