Is your business authentically connecting with LGBTQ+ people?

Learn how easy it is to make your business more LGBTQ+ inclusive without feeling awkward or tokenistic.

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What the heck is allyship?

noun / ˈæl aɪˌʃɪp /

1. the consistent and proactive efforts in support of others, particularly those who face discrimination

But why do businesses and brands always get a little sweaty when talking about it? 

That’s where I come in…

My mission:

to help businesses authentically connect with the LGBTQ+ community while staying on-brand without feeling awkward or tokenistic

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6 Steps to Mastering LGBTQ+ Allyship in Your Business

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For entrepreneurs, creators, and leaders who strive to build values-driven brands.

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Looking for a new
podcast obsession?

For entrepreneurs, creators, and leaders who strive to build values-driven brands.

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Whether you’re a fast-growing brand, industry group, business owner, or you lead a marketing or HR team, authentically connecting with the LGBTQ+ community has never been more important.

I offer a range of in-person (or virtual) keynotes and group training for your next professional development session.

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Meet Hank

Pronouns: they/them

Photographer, writer, educator, and lover of all forms of fried potato.

Hank is a distinguished photographer turned LGBTQ+ advocate and inclusion strategist. Creator of Authentic Allyship Academy, they aim to inspire the world to be more inclusive through the power of art, business and education.

In 2022, Hank was recognised for their exceptional advocacy and entrepreneurship with accolades such as winning OFA's prestigious 30 Under 30 Award and being named a finalist for ACON's Honour Awards. They were honoured as one of Australasia’s Top 5 Wedding Photographers by Sony, cementing their status as a creative force.

Hank is the host of the Profit on the Margins podcast and serves as Chief Storytelling Officer at Out For Australia, which supports LGBTQ+ people to thrive at work.

With their unique perspective and passion for storytelling, Hank Paul continues to inspire and captivate business leaders worldwide.

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“Inclusify” Your Business in 5 Weeks Without Feeling Awkward or Tokenistic


Become a confident and knowledgeable ally. The step-by-step guide to creating an Inclusive Brand Strategy that truly reflects your long-term business goals and values.

Don’t Just Say You’re an Ally - Become One.


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Hank Paul Global is committed to providing industry-leading resources and training that eliminates discrimination and empowers business owners to be more confident, authentic allies. Hank Paul Global welcomes all people, regardless of gender identity, sexuality, race, age, religion, or ability.

Hank Paul Global operates on the stolen land of the Gadigal People of the Eora Nation. We pay our respect to Elders both past and present.