Want to build a profitable business while creating a social impact?

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I teach queer entrepreneurs and allies how to build impactful businesses so that they can live healthy, abundant and purposeful lives.

Free resources for LGBTQ+ business owners:

Profit on the Margins Podcast

A business podcast with a queer lens.

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The Queer Brand Story Formula

A step-by-step guide to writing your brand story.

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Meet Hank (he/him)

Hank is a photographer, educator, author and lover of all forms of fried potato. He co-hosts Profit on the Margins, a business-focused podcast with a queer perspective, with his dear friend CJ Cruz,

In creating resources for LGBTQ+ business owners and allies, Hank draws extensively from his own journey of coming out, running a successful wedding photography business, being diagnosed with anxiety, and the unique ways that queer people are marginalized in a capitalistic world.

Hank's vision is for a more inclusive, more sustainable and more equitable version of capitalism where we can all thrive and build businesses that have a positive impact.

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Queer Wedding
Ally Training

Learn how to be a better wedding ally for LGBTQ+ couples and what it means to be an authentically inclusive business.

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The Ultimate Guide to Personal Branding for LGBTQ+ Entrepreneurs

Queer-Owned is the business guidebook that helps LGBTQ+ entrepreneurs, business owners and thought leaders find their purpose while building an authentic personal brand that makes money.

It looks at socially responsible forms of entrepreneurship and capitalism, the value of niche marketing through queer visibility, and how to build a business that changes people’s lives.

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We're a community of LGBTQ+ entrepreneurs, business owners, and thought leaders who are making waves in the world. Our mission is to empower queer entrepreneurs to thrive in their business, identity and wellbeing.

As an entrepreneurial ecosystem, we strive to educate, collaborate and connect our members with the resources they need to succeed.

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