Meet Hank

Wedding photographer, educator, author and all-round lover of fried potatoes.


I'm Hank Paul

 I started my own business when I was 17 years old and still in the closet. At the same time that I was building my business, I was coming out as queer, living with anxiety and learning how to love myself.

These days, my vision is to help other businesses have a positive impact on the world by being more inclusive, sustainable and equitable (while also making money).

My values:







My Story

“How did you get into wedding photography?”

I used to reply to this question with something off the cuff about how I started working for another photography company while I was still in highschool. But that's not the whole story… 

You see, my boss was also my church mentor. So at the same time that he was teaching me about light and composition, he was also showing me how to be a “Christian business owner” by politely turning away any couples that didn’t adhere to our religious views on marriage. 

To cut to the chase, I was taught early in my career how to discriminate against LGBTQ+ couples.

It would take years of unlearning to realise how harmful this had been on my own journey to accept my queerness…. But this introduction to wedding photography proved to be pivotal in shaping me and why I run my business today: to celebrate all humans in love.

Call it a "purpose" - or perhaps an over-correction - but these days I spend my time teaching other wedding and service-based business owners how to implement inclusion strategies to help them authentically book (and celebrate) more LGBTQ+ clients.