Meet Hank

Advocate, photographer, educator, author and all-round lover of fried potatoes.

G'day, I'm Hank

I was still living in the closet when I started my first business.

In my late teens, I became a photographer, tasked with documenting weddings and love stories. My mentor at the time taught me how to turn away LGBTQ+ couples who wanted to hire me, fearing they'd reflect badly on my brand.

It took years of unlearning to realise the harm that this had caused. But it was also pivotal in shaping the business I run today - one that celebrates all humans, no matter who they love or how they identify.

Today, I run a successful photography studio, co-host the Profit on the Margins podcast, and run Authentic Allyship Academy - the only program that teaches business owners how to "inclusify" their business and connect with the LGBTQ+ community authentically. I provide industry-leading resources and training that eliminate discrimination and empower business leaders to be more confident allies.

These days, my vision is to inspire business leaders to have a positive impact on the world by being more inclusive through the power of art, business and education.

Hank x

My values:

Impact - Growth - Relationships - Adventure - Wellbeing - Justice


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