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✅ Use inclusive language (what it is and why it's important at weddings)

✅ Audit your brand touchpoints to reflect your values and attract more queer-identifying clients

✅ Confidently work with queer couples without hesitation

✅ Be an effective ally and advocate in the wedding industry (and in life)

"Thank you Hank, your course was exactly what I needed, it was very informative! I just photographed my first queer wedding last weekend and your training helped me feel more confident. I was able to make my clients feel comfortable and relaxed with me, and the photos turned out awesome!”


Anton Kross, Across The Forest Photography

Module 1:

LGBTQ+ 101

  • A history of the LGBTQ+ comunity
  • Defining "the binary" and who exists outside of it
  • Defining "the spectrum" and why it's a useful tool
  • Appropriate labels and terms

Module 2:

Inclusive Language Made Easy

  • Identifying exclusive language in the wedding industry
  • How to use questions to be more inclusive
  • What to do when you accidentally say the wrong thing
  • A simple exercise to help you practise using non-binary pronouns

Module 3:

How to Audit Your Brand

  • Identify which touchpoints need to be audited
  • The no-nonsense hack to scan your entire website for outdated language in <5 minutes
  • How to update your policies to reflect your value for inclusion

Module 4:

Allyship and Advocacy

  • An easy-to-remember allyship framework
  • A deeper look at current issues faced by the LGBTQ+ community
  • The intersection of queer justice and other marginalized communities.
  • How your wedding business can positively influence others to be more inclusive and affirming.


Hello, I'm Hank! 

I'm a wedding photographer, author of the book Queer-Owned, *imperfect* vegan, and proud member of the LGBTQ+ community.

 Coming out was hard. But it was made easier by the people in my world who stood by me, accepted me wholeheartedly, and spoke up for me when I couldn’t use my voice. These people were my allies.

Queer Wedding Ally Training has been developed with you in mind: 

  • You accept and affirm LGBTQ+ people
  • You believe that love is love, regardless of gender identity or sexual orientation
  • And you are ready to make changes in your business to reflect your personal values

To be honest, this is a really big deal for me. Never in my dreams did I imagine I would have the chance to educate and support a global community of wedding professionals who are wanting to be more inclusive in their business.

Yet here we are, ensuring our personal values are integrated in our brands.

Thank you for joining the movement!

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